Non-Voice Services

Ayat Network provides Non Voice services in order to ensure an experience that is seamless for its customer and increasingly efficient and effective for its own business. We can offer a tiered portfolio of back-office services to address the varying needs of our clients.


SMS Marketing


Bursting SMS is a bulk sms and sms marketing web application. We implement this service with very low prices with local connection quality routing. We also have built in short code marketing system and SMS API gateway. Companies’ prefer SMS burst now a day to advertise their different offer and discount/ new product launch.


Data Entry

Data entry usually refers entering of names, addresses and other information into a data storage and retrieval system. Data can be entered via manual keying, electronic data transfer or by scanning. Data entry is vital in transforming information from all the formats that your business needs.
We offer data entry, data processing and conversion services with a technical and efficient way as per the organization’s requirement.

We can generate hundreds and thousands of leads from such service. And we can use those leads for SMS burst survey and sell the leads according to clients need.


E-mail Marketing

Ayat Network provides email marketing services and technology that enables organizations to create, deliver and measure email newsletters and campaigns with simplicity and sophistication.

We work closely with our clients to plan and develop email marketing strategies that achieve maximum results within less time and dirt-cheap rates. With a talented email marketing professionals and access to thousands of email databases, Ayat Network Limited always meet the marketing requirements of any business company.

We mainly focus on assisting business companies to achieve business objective and strong relationship building between the business and clients. We can also offer email marketing consulting services to help develop breakthrough email campaigns and refine email marketing strategies.